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About Adam Gaucher


When I was wee I won my first arts-related award while in second grade. I’ve been interested in art and creativity for as long as I can remember.

Living in the Twin Cities area is very inspiring for a person who chooses to work in the design industry. My goal is to enrich the surrounding community even further by adhering to the local tradition of producing great design and holding on dearly to artistic innovation.

I’ve been a freelance designer for over ten years, and I have been employed sporadically as a Graphic and Web designer throughout that time.

I attended and graduated from an arts-specific high school in my hometown of Rochester, MN. In December 2012 I received my Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.) degree in Interactive Media and Graphic Design from Minnesota School of Business.


Special Q & A

Q: What’s with the last name?

A: My last name is most accurately pronounced “Go-shay.” It was spelled G-a-u-c-h-e-r when my ancestors came to the United States in the 1860s. In an attempt to “Americanize” the name they decided to respell it G-o-s-h-a. I’ve chosen to adopt the original spelling as is reflected on this website. In some instances from the past the name may still be spelled “Gosha.” I apologize if this leads to any confusion!

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